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Use Employee Training to Drive Employee Engagement

Posted by: Emma Chen on 6/14/17 12:01 AM

Employee engagement plays a key role in success for your organization; on the contrary, disengaged employees are almost guaranteed to be detrimental to an organization’s morale and profitability. Upskilling employees through training has the potential to be a major factor in building employee engagement.

Give Employees the Tools They Need to Succeed

No one wants to feel like they’re flying blind, so to speak. I once worked for an organization that wouldn’t even provide employees with pens—they had to be brought from home. Not surprisingly, I didn’t stay long, but I did stay long enough to learn this key lesson: Give your employees the tools they need to be successful.

Providing employees with the tools they need will help them perform well in their current position; in addition, providing opportunity to learn new skills can help employees see their future potential with your company. Developing a stellar employee training program can help your people feel confident in their ability to complete their job duties.

The More the Merrier

Training in a group environment allows employees to refresh their knowledge and learn new skills while collaborating with their coworkers and managers. This collaborative learning effort gives employees to chance to build relationships with their managers and peers, and has the added bonus of spreading the group’s collective knowledge. Employees who specialize in a certain area or simply understand a concept well have the opportunity to relay that information to their fellows.

Upskill Workers for Future Needs

Not only does employee training do well for fostering engagement, it also prepares your organization to tackle challenges and build skills in your workforce that you don’t even know you need yet. I work in the supply chain space and am witnessing firsthand the positive effects factory automation will have on the way we live and work, as well as the high-skilled jobs factory automation will create. Most of these jobs require skills the current workforce doesn’t have.

So what’s to be done? If the skills you need don’t exist yet, you have to create them in your current workforce.

Scaling Employee Training

Many companies fail to invest in employee training because of the significant resources it sometimes requires by way of money and time. My answer to that is to think of employee training not in the way it’s always been done, but in how it can be done.

The organization I work for uses smartphone technology to deliver coursework in a way that workers will actually use, via gamified training they can do in a time and place convenient for them. To date, over 36 year’s worth of time has been spent training on our app, CompanyIQ, a testament to the usefulness of mobile in delivering employee training.

If you could use some insight into how you develop an employee training program that improves engagement, read our recently-released report on employee engagement. The report includes employee engagement data from factories in China, helping you gain insight into what’s really important to frontline employees.

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