Data Security & Privacy

MicroBenefits prioritizes securing data from our users and customers. We never share data with anyone or any organization without customers' prior written consent, and you always own your data. 

We only access your data to provide services, and ensure that all employees handling data receive training on the confidential nature and MicroBenefits's duties with respect to customer data, understand the laws related to handling data, and have signed a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.  

MicroBenefits has in place technical and organizational security measures to protect against unlawful or unauthorized access, loss or corruption of customers' data. We back up customer data daily, and keep data on file for a minimum of 30 days.

MicroBenefits does not collect, use, store or transmit any data. If customers ask for data to be shared, data is encrypted and formatted so that third parties viewing data sets cannot ascribe the data to customers or individual users.

Any user-generated content is owned by the user, who is also responsible for any content they generate.

MicroBenefits may share user data with third parties that we work with to help provide, promote, develop and improve the services we offer, but these third parties (other than affiliate companies) will not make use of user data for any purpose unrelated to improving MicroBenefits's services. 

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