More than one million employees use CompanyIQ, providing the tools and ability to learn and develop skills via their mobile device that have value to both employees and employers. 

A pioneer in gamified mobile training in the workplace, CompanyIQ delivers company training and personal skills development courses in a fun, motivating way. Workers retain more information, increasing their productivity, while reducing training costs for their employers.

The human resources department of a large contract supplier looked to overcome several challenges with regards to employee training: Low worker participation and retention rates, limited time to train and losses in production, the high cost of trainers and poor quality of training materials, and inconsistency in availability of training.

 In 2016 alone, workers logged over 213,000 hours of training on CompanyIQ: The equivalent of over 24 years.

Using CompanyIQ's flexible backend, the human resources department built a quarterly training program, which they delivered via the mobile devices of employees. 

More than three-fourths of employees participated, logging more than 6,000 hours of coursework in Lean Manufacturing, workplace safety and quality assurance. CompanyIQ's scalable mobile training significantly reduced the cost of training and the burden on HR's time.