Our Impact

Brand Impact

Use technology with a strong record of sustainably impacting the lives of frontline workers.


MicroBenefits's proprietary mobile app, CompanyIQ, empowers brands to drive social impact in a way that also creates real business value. Our tool provides greater transparency into many aspects of your supply chain, including grievance, audits and supplier capability.

CompanyIQ enables brands to interact directly with workers to gain more insight into your supply chain, monitor zero tolerance issues more effectively and efficiently, and automate certain audit processes to mitigate risk.

Worker Impact

Supplier Impact

Reduce costly turnover, and your ability to realize real improvement in your sustainability and responsibility objectives.

Our combined approach helps suppliers move from traditional human resources management to modern practices that improve overall worker engagement. CompanyIQ automates tasks previously done manually, allowing HR to focus on value-adding activities such as improving management leadership skills and employee training, and retaining high-potential workers.