CompanyIQ provides a systematic way to identify engaged employees and invest in their growth, creating leaders who drive results for your business. 

Retaining top employees starts with providing them with career development opportunities and the resources to meet business goals. More roles and jobs require skills you can't find in your current talent pool, making it all that more critical to develop and invest in your current workforce.

CompanyIQ engages employees from Day 1. When an employee downloads CompanyIQ on their mobile device, they receive access to over 400 customizable courses covering topics designated by human resources or training and learning teams. As an employee progresses, they can take advantage of specialized courses that meet their and your business' goals.

CompanyIQ provides access to rich data to help HR and management identify engaged employees and uncover their unique needs. HR and management can also customize training and promotion paths to build future leaders within their own organization.  

"CompanyIQ is quite an improvement from our original training, and has saved us a lot of time and work. After uploading our materials and creating tasks and surveys, all we need to do is track employees’ progress and results."

Training Manager at an electronics factory in China

This process does not require signficant resources, money or time, allowing you to foster employee engagement, identify the most engaged employees and invest in their growth, thereby investing in the growth of your business.