Low participation rates, lack of standardized training, no feedback mechanisms and significant time required to train employees on environmental health and safety made it difficult for employees at a major electronics contract manufacturer to implement EHS initiatives.

This organization, with hundreds of thousands of employees, needed a scalable way to train employees that wouldn't require significant time from factory management or human resources.

Factory management choose CompanyIQ to deliver environmental health and safety courses via its innovative mobile platform. Using CompanyIQ, employees participated in EHS training on their mobile device at a time and place convenient for them, and without requiring significant downtime from production or from factory management.

"In the past, our factory didn’t have all-hands training. Different departments would organize their own EHS training, and it was difficult to ensure all employees received training," said one factory manager.

CompanyIQ empowered employees to take ownership in improving workplace conditions by not only teaching environmental health and safety, but giving them a way to solve EHS problems as well. Employees could quickly and easily report issues through the CompanyIQ app.

Human resources accessed CompanyIQ's flexible backend to manage the training process by creating tasks, uploading courses and deploying surveys to employees.

CompanyIQ significantly improved participation and retention rates among employees, while reducing the time and resources previously required to deploy training.