What if an employee doesn't have a smartphone?

If the smartphone penetration rate in your area is below 50 percent, we recommend making three to four tablets available in common areas so employees can log in during breaks. If the penetration rate exceeds 50 percent, employees can log in using their own device, or the device of a coworker or family member.

How do we prevent workers from using CompanyIQ during working hours?

Most factories do not allow employees to have their phones on the production line. We recommend all factories adopt this policy to ensure worker safety and production efficiency. Storage cabinets can be installed in common areas for workers to access their phones during breaks. Blocking cell service and Internet except in designated areas is another option.

How many people are needed to manage the CompanyIQ program?

Under most circumstances, we recommend the personnel department have one employee dedicated to creating material for and operating CompanyIQ. We also recommend establishing a committee to manage the CompanyIQ program in each factory in order to maintain each departments’ content and operation.

How do we ensure data security?

Data security is controlled from 3 levels:

Employees: Each employee has their own personal username and password. Passwords are created and controlled by each individual. Sensitive information can be protected with an additional password within the app. Courses can also be password protected to keep undesired users from accessing course material. Users cannot forward content outside the app.

Management: Backend settings are controlled by varying levels of clearance and are not accessible to all users. Factory management maintains access to these settings, and MicroBenefits will only enter backend operations upon customer’s request.

Technology: The backup data is stored in Ali-Cloud protected by the MicroBenefits IT department. Data docking is done through API; encryption keys and secured sites are used in all data transactions to ensure data security.

What is the difference between CompanyIQ and WeChat?

CompanyIQ differs from WeChat in a variety of ways as this side-by-side comparison shows:

  CompanyIQ WeChat
Users Corporate customers Individuals
Setting Internal employees Everyone
Safety Highly secure and controllable Not limited
Customizability High level of customization Customized according to WeChat's requirement
Functions Human resources management resources Communication and information functions
Integration Highly integrated data-docking Unable to integrate with company infrastructure
Services Professional and content creation services No services available
User experience Highly individualized Simple and general

How long does it take factories to implement adoption of CompanyIQ?

Factories generally exceed 50% usage after one year of deployment.

What type of factory is most suited to using CompanyIQ?

CompanyIQ is best for factories with at least 100 employees, especially those in need of management resources. Employees get the most from CompanyIQ when management recognizes employee engagement is key to improving the factory as a whole, and wants to improve employee satisfaction and quality of life. Common problems CompanyIQ solves include:

  • Increasing factory competitiveness and productivity.
  • Reducing employee attrition and improving hiring processes, making difficult hiring easier.
  • Filling gaps where qualified human resources departments are not available.
  • Helping factories build better relationships with brands, increasing their clout within the supply chain.
  • Teaching industry trends to help factories gain competitive advantage.

How can I evaluate if CompanyIQ is working for my business?

Performance metrics can be accessed through the Dashboard, giving you access to valuable data to allow you to monitor and measure operational efficiency, supply chain sustainability, employee engagement, among other factors. Learn more about CompanyIQ's business intelligence capabilities here.