HR faces significant challenges with CNY in retaining workers. Some factories with 20000 numbers of workers spend significant sums such as RMB 4 million with limited results. Microbenefits thru its CIQ app can help you retain more workers at a fraction of the cost. In this case, saving over RMB 3.7MM. Contact Microbenefits now for more details——-> email:

Microbenefits is focused on front-line worker engagement, we are one of the pioneers in this sector in Asia using state of the art technology and HR management to enable companies to retain and develop their front line employees.

Implementation: Firstly, the days in which the factory is most lacking in manpower, frontline Direct Labor (DL) workers are the key to meeting production goals; because of this, the event has to be targeted toward DL workers. Secondly, The timing had to be right; the days following the Spring Festival and the eve of the Lantern Festival are the days when total headcount are at their lowest, so the event is largely aimed at filling the resources gap during that time period. Thirdly, the event has to be cost effective while still showing results, so the chance of winning a prize in the Lucky Draw has to be adjusted to suit the factory’s staffing needs.

Event Plan

First round: Promotion of the event starts before the holiday, when employees are preparing to head home. Using CIQ’s Notifications function, the factory is able to promote the event directly and solely to DL employees. The What’s New module also repeatedly contains event-related information. The first round of the drawing occurs after the Spring Festival and before the Lantern Festival. Fifty percent of the event budget is spent on prizes for the first round of the drawing, which offers both the highest chance of winning as well as the best prizes. The goal is to entice employees to return to the factory during the period of time when the factory is most lacking in manpower.

Second round: This event takes place on the Lantern Festival. Its purpose is not only to improve the return rate of employees, but also to show that the factory cares for its employees – it’s a holiday benefit for employees. Thirty percent of the event budget is spent on this round.

Third round: This event takes place after the first pay-day of the Chinese New Year and is aimed at preventing employees from leaving after they receive their last paycheck. Twenty percent of the event budget is spent on this round.

Program Results: After this event, Factory A’s post-holiday retention rate rose by 5% compared to the previous year, and the HR department only spent 300,000 RMB compared to the 4,000,000 RMB cost of previous years, saving a total of 3,700,000 RMB.

CIQ Functions: When employees return to their hometown, the only channel for advertising to them is CIQ’s Push Notifications, which alert employees to event information. Continuous promotion is extremely important. In addition to using custom settings to target DL employees with information regarding the first round of drawings, timed event notifications can also be set up before the holiday through the CIQ backend, sending a steady but reasonable number of event notifications and increasing the event’s participation rate. Factory A has an extremely high CIQ usage rate, and as such they are able to effectively promote activity information throughout the company.

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